Reverse That

There have been several discussions on librarian blogs lately talking about librarians as coders (LibrarianInBlack, Library Web Chic, Science Library Pad, Information Wants to Be Free and See Also)… I’d like to suggest that the reverse is true as well – coders as librarians.

Back in November I commented on a post over at LibrarianInBlack regarding Gorman’s comment that “Any idiot can create a webpage.” Nowadays that’s true (with free wysiwyg packages popping up all over the place) … but there’s a word missing here – several words – great, usable, organized, accessible, etc.

I feel that if all web programmers/designers were also librarians then we’d never have trouble finding information on the web again. Everything would be organized in a logical order … do a search for Jenkins Law Library in Yahoo! and you find that our library page is categorized under Government??? How do you figure?

When I had this discussion with my colleague at work, she mentioned that when she was in college for computer science they did require classes along these lines – and I was very happy to hear that … maybe one day librarians will be coders and coders will be librarians – and information will be accessible and easy to find for everyone 🙂 What an optimistic thought!

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