I love this guy!

Okay – I’ve never met him – but I love reading John Blyberg’s comments on Library 2.0. I’ve mentioned Blyberg in the past in reference to his ILS Customer Bill-of-Rights, now he’s talking more about this & Library 2.0 in general.

I wish I could write like this:

Vendors need to stop assuming that they know what we want better than we do. For instance, find me a single library coder who does not want read-only SQL access. We're telling you want we want. If you want to know what will drive a library coder to coffee in the morning, it's the spectre of non-technical staff believing that they can hack together a “Library 2.0″ site on their own because they've been sold a bill of goods that tells them they can.
Ultimately, MLS programs are going to have to start offering CS electives and eventually requirements. The profession itself is changing with the industry. Databases and networks, increasingly, are information's domain and if we want to be part of the vanguard, and if we want to call ourselves the stewards of that information, we darn well better know how to work with it.

I totally agree with everything John is saying here and I couldn’t (in a million years) say it better. So go read the whole (very long) post.

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