How nice is that?

I mentioned MailFeed a litle while ago and today I did a little ego searching on Google Blog Search and found this:

Of all the links of the last days I’d like to point you to the reaction I was most happy about, written by Nicole Engard. She had sent me an email earlier, and when I was looking through my referers I found her blog entry “No more email newsletters for me“, go check it out. And check out her blog as well, “What I learned today…“, where she writes about contemporary tools of Internet communication; proving Clay Shirky’s insight that it’s usually the librarian types who are on the forefront of information management, and who already know methods we will all be using in the future. If you are a geek having problems with structuring and accessing large pools of information, talk to a librarian.


Keep up the good work and if you want to get ahead keep complimenting us “librarian types” 🙂

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