No he didn’t!

More to the point, why are librarians, whose professional training concentrates on mastering the use of the Dewey Decimal System, making any decisions that affect law enforcement?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen (most of whom are librarians – at least in my audience) all you do is spend the day mastering the Dewey Decimal System! Well that’s what Richard L. Cravatts, a lecturer at Boston University thinks. I guess that means I can assume that Mr. Cravatts spends his days doing nothing but listening to himself talk?

In an article in the Boston Globe yesterday titled “When librarians protect terrorists” Mr. Cravatts talks about a library director’s refusal to let law enforcement agents search computers for evidence of a terrorist threat.

Now I have to be honest – I don’t know where I stand on the whole Patriot’s Act issue – I’m not a strong advocate or dissenter, but to have the nerve to demean all librarians because of what this one woman did seems a bit wrong to me.

It did bring up questions in our library about what our privacy policies are and it made me think do we (as a membership library) event count as the “public marketplace”? I don’t know – but it has made me start to think.

Read Mary’s post at the LibraryLaw Blog for more on this topic.

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