Email for your domain

I just finished a site for a client who had purchased his domain through MSN. The package includes domain name and email addresses at that domain. He could then download his messages to Outlook or read them via Hotmail. I thought this was a nice idea until we had to try and change the nameservers associated with the domain. To do this we had to cancel the MSN account first – which meant inevitable downtime for the domain – and email accounts – while the domain name propagated with the new nameservers. I was pretty upset about this, but it turned out to go okay.

Why do I mention this? Well it looks like Gmail is offering a similar service. Gmail for your domain is ready for beta testing if you or your company are interested – I don’t know if Google will be as hard to deal with as MSN, but I thought I’d share my little story with you before I gave you the link.

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