Nifty Travel Site

Okay, this isn’t library related, but I just read about VCarious on Sites & Soundbytes and it looks pretty nifty! It’s a travel site that has been created by users – which in and of itself isn’t unique, but it looks like one great big mashup. There are journal pages about locations, there are pictures, there are google maps, and it looks like the pages are like wikis (I don’t know for sure because I didn’t sign up for an account).


  1. Hi There,

    I’ve been working on VCarious with a few friends. I’m glad you liked it. We’ve been focusing on just building something cool so far and haven’t really made any huge marketing pushes.

    If you sign up you get a profile and can keep track of your travels and store photos and journals. Also, you can customize the portal page by moving the portlets around and making them display whatever you’re interested in. Just wanted to let you know.

    Thanks again,


  2. It’s exactly what my husband and I wanted to do after our travels in Italy – but I never had the time to develop anything – so THANKS!

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