Learn from The Sims

How cool is this? I should start by letting you all know that I am a huge Sims junkie. So when I read about the partnership between EA and Carnegie Mellon University and the development of Alice 3.0 I just had to share it with you all.

“The Sims” content will transform the Alice software from a rudimentary, 3-D programming tool into a compelling and user-friendly programming environment. Development for Alice 3.0 will begin immediately and will span the next 18 to 24 months. Experts say that when the transformation is complete, the new programming environment will be in position to become the national standard for teaching software programming.

“Getting the chance to use the characters and animations from ‘The Sims’ is like teaching at an art school and having Disney give you Mickey Mouse,” said Computer Science Professor Randy Pausch, director of the Alice Project at Carnegie Mellon. “‘The Sims’ is EA’s crown jewel, and the fact that they are willing to use it for education shows a kind of long-term vision one rarely sees from large corporations.”

I’m not really sure I understand how this program will be used to teach programming – but I’m going to keep reading until I do.

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