Writing for Info Pros

I snuck out of the Web-Based Experience Planning to attned a cybertour on writing for info pros. Rachel Singer Gordon an author and an editor for Information Today Inc.

Rachel told us that if you have a topic you can talk about for hours and hours – you can write a book – of course it’s not that simple, but it was promising and I undestood what she meant. She walked us through the requirements for the different ITI publications and I finally got to meet Marydee Ojala at the end of the session.

Marydee also gave me some good advice (well I have no proof that’s good yet – but it sounded good) – she told me to take classes at library school that I know nothing about – things that may not even apply to my current job – she used budget planning for public libraries as her example of a class to take – I’m going to go home and look at my course selections and see what fun out of the ordinary things I can sign up for.

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