That’s Sooooo 1.0!

That was the theme of the DigiTech (Dead Tech) Forum last night.

This is the first year that I have actually stayed awake to attend this session and it was worth it!!

I didn’t bring paper or a pen with me so I didn’t get to take notes until Gwen decided to share (being her personal secretary and all 🙂 )

Michael Stevens had a lot of great things to say, but I didn’t write them down and you can’t expect my brain to function at that hour (I know I’m a wimp) – the one thing that stuck with me is that “We’ve always done it this way” is a comment that librarians make that is sooooo 1.0 and that librarians should be saying we have to innovate and change to fit in the 2.0 mold – he didn’t say it that way – he had a quote on the screen that I just can’t remember 🙁

He told us to look at the WPopac which is a WordPress OPAC face for an III catalog – this way each title has it’s own HTML page. That’s soooo 2.0!

The IT of 1.0 used to say “The computer says No” The IT of 2.0 says “Tell us what you want and we’ll find and open source application for you – if we can’t find one we’ll write it”!! That’s totally what I do at work – I write it – I guess I’m soooo 2.0!

I need to stress now that I am not a night person – I know it was only 8pm – but my friends and family all know not to call me after that hour at night – that said – I didn’t write the rest of the presenters names down (I’m sorry speakers) – but the ideas were good so I’m going to put as many of them as I can here.


1.0 – Tracking packages with RSS through bloglines
2.0 – Tracking pages on a Google map mashup

1.0 – MS Office
2.0 – Google buys Writely – Google Office

2.0 – There is now a watch with bluetooth that will get the time from the cell phone in your pocket – so that you can see it on your watch instead of reaching into your pocket – HOW LAZY ARE WE??

Darlene Fichter had told us earlier that this session was going to be fun – she said she’s not fun, but the others would be fun – then she stepped up the stage and took out her rain coat and umbrella to guard her from the tech storm – then she put on her aluminum foil cap and cape to protect her! How can she say she’s not fun? No one else had props and theme songs – yes theme songs – one for 2.0 and one for 1.0

Then she gave us survival tips:

  1. We have to be Digital read/write participants
  2. We have to learn with others
  3. We have to be facilitators for relationships
  4. We need to have our intercultural antennae up – not everyone is from your default point of view
  5. We have to be tolerant of ambiguity – it’s okay to not be in control
  6. We have to LEARN THE TOOLS!! (emphasis added by me!)
  7. We have to be self aware

In short Library 2.0 (for her) = (books ‘n stuff + people + radical trust) * participation.

Marshall Breeding made one point that really resonated with me – OPACs are still too much like card catalogs and even though the vendors are slow – librarians are slower – How True!! He called for us to be more aggressive!

Stephen Abram’s theme? “Get real the world is changing!” I was sitting in the back (I got there at the last minute) so I didn’t hear all of his comments and jokes – which was a shame because people were laughing an awful lot! Stephen also called for librarians to get on MySpace and Facebook – apparently 2/3 of all blog posts are coming from My Space and My Space gets 3x the traffic of Google – this is great – for public and academic libraries – but I can safely say that the members of our law library are not on My Space – so what is there for us??

Overall this was a great session, I’m glad I stayed awake!

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  1. You ARE so 2.0….

    Glad to hear that the pre-session caffeine jolt paid off.


  2. You ARE so 2.0….

    Glad to hear that the pre-session caffeine jolt paid off.


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