Mobile Future (cont.)

I am home and catching up on all of my posting. First, I promised to post the URLS from the Planning for a Mobile Future keynote.

Sites that offer mobile verions (by detecting what you’re using):

  • TV Guide
  • NWS
  • Hoovers
  • PubMed

Tools to shrink a page to fit on a mobile device (disclaimer – you may lose important info by using these services)

Web 2.0 Mobile Sites:

  • Mobilicious
    “ is a ‘mashup’ that combines the online bookmarking service with Google’s Mobile Search tool.”
  • Splash Blog
    Mobile picture blogging

Sites to download Mobile tools from:

Mobile Answers Sites:

Reference by SMS is a service specifically for libraries which gives the library a cell number than can be texted – allowing them to recieve reference questions via email. (LibrarianInBlack wrote about this service back in November). Other options include Teleflip (which Meredith recommends) and Vazu which let you send text messages from their sites.

Learn more:

Megan’s presentation can be found online on Monday.

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