Why am I behind?

As you notice, I’m home and posting my conference summaries – I thought I should explain what happened. When we got to the conference we (bloggers) were given a key to access a limited wireless network – it was only available in one of the conference rooms, the press room and the registration area. This would have been fine, except that on day one someone who was connected hit the router with a virus messing things up for the rest of us.

The staff was extremely helpful though. At one point I was taken up to the press room (which I didn’t know about until then) and given a network cable so that I could access the Internet wired.

The wireless provided by ITI was fine after that, but I was already behind a day and I didn’t want to pay the hotel to get access in my room – and so here I am at home, falling asleep over my computer trying to make sure you all get an accurate account of what happened at the sessions I attended before I go back to work and get bombarded with everything I missed last week!

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