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A member of the Web4Lib list asked this question:

I and a colleague are interested in alternative web OPAC front end systems such as the aquabrowser (http://aquabrowser2.kcls.org/aquabrowser/ ). We’d like to write an article on the topic, exploring the pros and cons. So far, I know about Aquabrowser, endeca (http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/endeca/ ) and Casy Bissons Wpopac (which isn’t commercial, but I would still consider it a “competitor” of sorts). Does anyone know of any other products/competitors?

He is compiling a list on del.icio.us for those of us who want to see the options that are out there.

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  1. Hi,
    Please write if I can help with your research on AquaBrowser or Endeca. TLC recently updated our AquaBrowser site with a bibliography you might find useful. It’s posted at http://www.tlcdelivers.com/aquabrowser/whatisab.asp. If you’d like specific names and numbers of customers to contact, just let me know. Please let your readers know that aquabrowser2.kcls.org is a test site–the public KCLS site you should bookmark is http://aqua.kcls.org/. Our work with Phoenix PL on their Endeca implementation is under construction, but I can tell you about progress there too. -Jimmy Thomas

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