Techie Librarian Bloggers

Okay I have a meeting in 6 minutes, so I have to type fast. Rory at Library Juice has an interesting post about Questioning the Techie Mission.

In short he sees that most librarian bloggers are fans of technology and talk about little else on their blogs – of course there is a lot more meat to the post – but like I said I’m on a time clock here.

It got me thinking – and I think the obvious reason for his observations is that the non-techie librarians don’t want to blog – because they’re not techie – so you get a one sided view of the field because of this. Hmmmm – Catch 22 is what I called it in my comment on his post.

Go read the whole thing to get a better feel for what he’s saying – I’m off to a meeting about Z39.50 – yipppeee! (note the sarcasm here)

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