Another Blogging Librarian

Rachel Singer Gordon has started her own blog: The Liminal Librarian.

All the “cool kids” have had blogs for months, if not years, and I'm coming to the party a bit late. So, why start one now?

If blogs had been around when I graduated 10 years ago, I may have started one then rather than putting up my web site. Honestly, I'm kind of glad they weren't; I would have had a very different career without But, I'm surely glad they're around now! I look to the biblioblogosphere for ideas, for inspiration, to renew my excitement about the field — and it's time I became part of the conversation. Maybe I'll never be a cool kid, but I do want to play.

I met Rachel at CIL a couple of weeks ago – she gave us a lot of great tips on getting started as a writer for ITI.

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