Putting the ‘We’ in the Web

I've been hearing about the “Putting the 'We' in the Web” article from Newsweek, but I just now got the chance to read the article. Why now? Well I'm in the hospital waiting room – wishing the promised wireless worked 🙁 and I there it was among the sports magazines.

So, what do I think? Great article.

I like that they refer to Web 2.0 as the “live web” or “living web.” It's where we live now, it's where we communicate, collaborate and share. It's no longer a static place to visit, it's ever changing – and we're the ones changing it. The authors mention (something we already know) how these new small companies can have created sites where the users are doing all of the work. We're the ones categorizing our pictures, links and posts – we're the ones spreading the word about these services, just by sharing with our friends and families. All these companies have to do is keep the software and hardware running – and keep us interested with useful new features.

What fun tidbits did I learn? Well apparently Flickr started out as an online game – I'm not sure how – but that's what the article said – I'd like to see that game ;).

What new services am I curious about? They mention Plum – an information sharing resource. They mention how the creator (Hans Peter Brondmo) had done a bunch of Internet searching for information on his father's rare cancer. Then when he heard about someone else who was looking for information it was very hard for him to find everything again. This service will let you collection resources from anywhere on the Internet, annotate it and save it as a collection to share with others. I see it as a bibliography sharing service – sounds pretty handy – can't wait until it's in public beta.

My favorite quote: “What was once the digital equivalent of a shoe box became a vibrant community built around photos and collaboration.” This was in reference to Flickr, but it fits most “live web” sites and it's a great quote.

[update 4/12]added links[/update]

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