Pay “IT” Forward


We talked about the notion of “paying it forward” at some length during one of the sessions at Library Camp. One individual, Sean Robinson, has put together a wiki where willing parties can sign up, offering their expertise and services to other libraries. The caveat is that if you take advantage of another person's willingness to help, you, in turn, need to make yourself available to help someone else.

I think this is a great idea that may very well help a lot of people, though it does have some drawbacks. For instance, while I have volunteered my time and services on his wiki, I'm generally very busy and may not have time to help someone when they need help. There is also no assurance of the quality of information and help you'll receive. In addition, while Sean has started a wiki (which is a very nice gesture on his part, and I encourage other to participate), if a service like this grows, a fair amount of thought would need to be put in to developing a database and interface that would make accessing the right expertise fairly intuitive. Who knows, it might look like eHarmony for library geeks!

I’m registered & ready to help!

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