My Second Life Avatar

My Second Life Avatar
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I finally signed up for Second Life. I wanted to check out the Library 2.0 in the game. It was really amazing!

I was part of the beta testing for Second Life when the game first came out – after the beta was over I didn’t play anymore – I had my own property and had a bunch of money – but I gave it all away 🙁

Anyway, I joined up today and was a bit annoyed that to verify my account I had to either give them my PayPal info, CC info, or accept a text message – I don’t pay the extra for text messaging on my cell phone package – so I had to accept the charge – but I guess it’s less than most only games.

It took me a little while to find my inventory of clothing – so I’m still in the outfit they started me in – I’ll work on it.

There is an orientation on Weds the 31st, but I may not be able to attend because it’s right at the time I’ll be on my comute home 🙁 Hopefully they offer another one soon.

[update]I forgot to tell you – my name in Second Life is Talia Nicholas[/update]

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  1. Paul owns Second Life, too, and while his old computer couldn’t play it or whatever, I bet his new one can. I gave him your character name, but I don’t know his, so maybe you’ll have a friend out there… assuming it’s an online thing. I know nothing about the game. Though Paul has tried to explain it to me, heh.

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