Screenshots Not Allowed

Did you know that screenshots weren’t allowed on Flickr? I just read over at Tombrarian about a Wired article on this very topic. The article focuses mostly on Second Life screenshots not showing up in the public areas (like search results) – which would very annoying for the SL Library 2.0 people (including me).


  1. Well it’s not that they’re not allowed – just that if your account contains over 50% of its content as screenshots they won’t be displayed to the public. So if you’ve got mostly photos and want to throw a few screenshots in the mix there’s no problem at all. Still, it’s a dumb policy, and I hope they remove that barrier.

  2. Unfortuntately I fit into that category – I want to share screenshots of what I’m doing – not my photos – so my stuff won’t be public.

  3. Unfortunately, it looks like Flickr isn’t likely to back down on this one. 🙁

    “This is not because we hate Second Life, or hate screenshots, or hate you, or have any specific official opinion at all about philosophical questions like “What is a photograph?” or “Where is the dividing line between real and virtual worlds in our brave new digital age?” (personally, I’m sympathetic to the argument that ‘photos’ taken with ‘cameras’ in SL are actually photos).

    It’s because Flickr is *for* photos. Even when we have support finer-grained distinctions in our search system, better tools for self-flagging, and allow users to choose what kind of images show up in their search results, by default we will only show photo results.”

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