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Over at Disruptive Library Technology Jester there is a post about the future of the ILS. You all know where I stand on the issue – and Peter Murray links right to my opinions from his post.

I was out of the office yesterday presenting at LaSalle University for the LVJ Summer Institutes – so I have a lot to catch up. For that reason I have yet to read the entire post by Peter, but I wanted to point you all to it – and I wanted to address one thing he mentions in his summary.

There still seems to be a desire for a solution from an existing vendor, and in fact that was part of counter-points brought up by some on the receiving end of the ILS-must-go rant. (Paraphrased: 'No one can satisfy the need of a library like a library automation vendor' and 'As libraries we're not strong enough to take on the task of building the next ILS ourselves.')

It’s this last part I want to address. As single libraries alone we are not strong enough – but as a community – a community that should be working together – we are much stronger than the vendors and we have more talent and experience than they will ever have! So what aren’t we working together on the ultimate ILS? Why aren’t we taking matters into our own hands? I can’t do it alone or – trust me – I would have had it finished by now 🙂

So think about that while I go catch up on all of my work. I will probably be posting again once I read through the entire post by Peter.

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  1. Agreed, Nicole — there is a part of the story that has not yet been told. In short, I think libraries do need to come together to share the burden of building and running the infrastructure. And this is something that could be done (a la Georgia PINES). The long version of the story has languishing in DLTJ’s draft area for about six weeks now. Stay tuned…

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