Writing Again

Yesterday I got a call from Marydee Ojala (editor of ONLINE Magazine). She mentioned that I should keep my eye open for ideas for articles as I worked on tweaking my intranet. I mentioned that I was too busy at work right now to write and that in a couple of months I was going to be juggling school and work so I probably wouldn’t have time to write another article for a while. But she got me thinking – which I’m sure was the point of the call 🙂

I couldn’t go to sleep last night because I was going through everything on our Intranet and thinking if we came up with an issue that was big enough to write an entire article about – but I couldn’t – things have gone surprisingly smoothly (with the exception of a few minor tweaks here and there). So what could I write about? I am working on a HUGE project right now – I knew that it would be big before I took it on – but I didn’t realize how big! It requires a lot of organization and meetings and clarifications in order to get things in order. So why not write about planning a programming project in a library? I don’t know if it’s what she had in mind – but I stayed up late last night (couldn’t stop my mind from working) writing. And then on the train ride to work I wrote more. I just came in to work and typed it all up – and I have 1000 words already. Guess that means I’m writing another article 🙂

We’ll see if I can keep this pace up – if so I’ll share more details when I have them.

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