Business Card

I’ve heard a few speakers say that you should include your IM information and blog address on your business card – but what about designing your business card to match your blog?

I haven’t ordered this card yet, but my sister gave me a hand designing a new personal (not the one my library gave me) business card.

What do you think?


  1. I’d give it a little more space between the text and the border. And while it’s nice that is matches the blog, the image looks very clip-art-y and not very professional. And depending on the resolution of it, it may look even worse printed out if it was not designed for such.

  2. It was designed for print – so it’s hard to read here on the web since I had to shrink it. I chose the image because it matched the one I’m using here on the site. It did start with a book clip art and an image of my laptop – but my sister did a lot of work to pretty it up.

    I haven’t ordered the cards yet, I’ll see what I can do – design is not my area of expertise – programming is 😉

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