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I added a few new pages – and updated some of the old pages. For those of you who only read this blog via RSS, you may not have noticed. On the right menu of this site I have included a link to an About Me page. I used to link to my bio on the Jenkins site – but that is skewed towards what I’ve done for the library – and I’ve done a lot more than that lately. I also updated my Resume (under About Me) and added a Publications and Presentations page. There’s not much clickable on this last page (except for my Computers in Libraries article from 2005) – yet! I will be adding my presentations from LITA and IL when I have them – although these will mostly be me browsing through our Intranet to give you a feel of what we did – and not a static PowerPoint presentation.

So if you want to stop by the actual page – feel free to check out these new pages.

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