Looking for Instructors

I am a board member for the Upper Darby Adult Evening Program. We’re a non-profit organization that offers night classes to Upper Darby and area residents. Upper Darby is in Delaware County, PA.

We’re in need of more classes/instructors and I’m emailing everyone I can think of. I figured I should probably post my request here too. If any of you know of any experts (friends or colleagues) in the area who’d like to teach a course once a week from Sept to Nov can you forward this message to them – or send them to this link: http://www.udaep.org/teach.php. It’s a paying gig – not much, but it’s money.

We’re looking for a photography (digital or otherwise) class, an art (drawing,painting,etc) class, a dance class, foreign language courses, a cooking class, even a course on how to find things at your public library – or anything else you can think of. This might even be a good job for a college Junior or Senior with an expertise in a subject area – and it will look great on their resume.

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