Joys of Owning a House

At least that’s what Tom (from Tombrarian) said to me today.

This is completely not library related – but I need to vent – feel free to read on – or not.

Yesterday I went into my basement to do a wash and found that my basement was flooded – not with water from the rain – but with sewage from the power room we have down there. Turns out my 50 year old house has never had the sewage pipes cleaned out – and now my basement is a disaster area. I’ve had 4 different sets of workmen in my house today – the township (here to tell me it’s my responsibility and not theirs), the sewer people (to clean the clog), the cleaning crew (to rip apart my entire basement – walls and everything to sanitize), and a plumber (to rip out the bathroom fixtures so that the cleaning crew can come back and finish their work).

The smell in my house was horrible as you can imagine – and my semi-finished basement has been restored and it’s unfinished original self. This fiasco is going to cost me more than I want to think about to clean and rebuild.

This is how I spent my first day after vacation – not at work – at home with men coming in and out of my house. Oh! And I forgot when I was with workmen #3 my puppy decided to jump up on the couch and climb onto the TV tray I had out and ate my lunch! Can you believe it??!!

Well that was my day – hope you all had better ones.


  1. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry you’re dealing with this! That sounds seriously disgusting. I definitely know how you feel. Owning a house always sounds like a nice idea but then you have to deal with all of the practical things that a landlord used to take care of (and the disasters of owning an older house). I think the tree in front of our house (which is huge — more than twice as tall as our house and ridiculously wide) is dying and now we may have to ponder how to get the tree down without smooshing our house. Also, one of our gutters seems to have gotten damaged over the winter and may have damaged the roof in that area (also created icicles against the house that pulled the paint off that part of the house — luckily in the back). You just can’t plan for this stuff… you never know what to expect. I hope the work on your basement gets done quickly and that you have a clean and non-stinky home again soon.

  2. But Coda’s so cute, I’m sure you couldn’t stay mad at her!

    Best of luck getting everything cleaned up.

  3. She was punished – but I was so sick (still am) that I wasn’t upset that I lost my lunch. They didn’t finish yesterday like they said the would – but I had to come into work today – so my hubby is at home in the stinky house!

    You should see the disaster they have made of my basement – they tore down walls everywhere!!

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