Learning Styles

I’m reading “Teach Beyond Your Reach” by Robin Neidorf. A lot of the content is more than I need to know in my job, but it’s pretty darn interesting.

I just finished reading about learning styles. Robin points us to a quiz at learning-styles-online.com that let’s us determine what type of learner we are. I’m mostly a Logical, Solitary, Aural learner – what about you?

Here are my results:

These are the results of your inventory. The scores are out of 20 for each style. A score of 20 indicates you use that style often.

Style Scores

Visual 6
Social 9
Physical 9
Aural 12
Verbal 9
Solitary 11
Logical 13

Pretty darn interesting. Robin recommends you use this to find out the learning styles of your students before teaching a course – what a great idea!!



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