Change & Libraries

T. Scott posts about Permanent Change – he says things I’ve heard from him before – but he says something interesting – the source of all of my frustrations:

Most people are resistant to changes being imposed on them when they don’t see that the result of the change is going to be an improvement in their situation.

I am currently working on a huge project! It will affect about half of our staff – which makes it even scarier. The problem is that I can explain my vision until I’m blue in the face, but unless they’ve worked with me on a previous project like this they probably can’t envision the end result. This leads to more fear because I have nothing to show people. The problem here is that I can’t show you that the resulting application will make things better without you accepting the change in the first place – because no one is going to pay me to work on something that may never get used. Catch 22!

Anyway, just my tiny rant. It’s a great post – and a 100% true post – and it doesn’t just apply to libraries, everyone has been dealing with change their entire lives – you’d think we as a species would have adapted by now 🙂

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