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Distance Learning

Jul - 10 - 2006
Nicole C. Engard

As you know I will start my Masters program with Drexel Online in just 2 months! I was interested in what this online learning experience was going to be like so I’m reading Teach Beyond Your Reach by Robin Neidorf. Since the book is geared toward teachers (not students) there are a few sections I’ve found myself skimming over (like the creating content chapters), but for the most part this has been a very educational experience in and of itself.

Robin has actually made me a little more nervous about taking classes online. Why? Because she explains how to be a great distance teacher – which is making me think of all of the things my teachers could do wrong to be bad distance teachers. I know it’s silly – but that’s me :)

Anyway, if you teach at a distance (online, teleconferencing, etc) I hope you read this book and get some great tips from it – I especially hope that my professors at Drexel have read it – we’ll see soon enough.

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  1. amanda says:

    thanks for the recommendation, Nicole. I’ve been scouring the “teaching online” books at my library but they’re all pretty out-of-date (2004 is outdated for tech online topic, right? is it just me?) so I’ve just ordered a copy of this! can’t wait till it gets here :)

  2. [...] I don’t know what I was thinking!! I’m a hands-on learner and now I have to totally re-teach myself in personal time management and organization. So far, I’ve read 2 syllabi – I can’t find the third yet and I think I can handle the class workload. One class grades 50% on online discussions -that’s what I do best!! Another has an instructor who wouldn’t give grades if he didn’t have to (that’s the attitude!) – he understands that we all learn differently and that’s so important in an instructor (I remind you of my post about Teach Beyond Your Reach and the learning styles quiz). [...]

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