My most recent project

I just realized how long it has been since I’ve written anything. I’m trying to get things organized around the house before I start classes. I’m currently reading The Accidental Systems Librarian. In addition, at work I’m working on a huge project to replace the software we’re using for ILL. So as you can see I’ve been a little busy.

This project I’m working on is so much bigger than I thought it would be when I started – I’m loving it, but it takes up a lot of my time. I find myself solving problems in my dreams 🙂 – you know it’s big when that starts happening. Last summer I developed an application for our Document Delivery department. They weren’t using any particular software to handle their orders or statistics so it was a fresh start for me – hard, but still easier than replacing something that has been in place for several years. When I completed that the Research and ILL departments wanted something to replace what they use to bill time and keep track of ILL requests. So this summer that’s my project. I have decided to replace 2 applications with one. Right now the ILL department uses one application to bill time and create invoices and another to send out ILL requests to other libraries. This means that there is a ton of duplication going on. Plus, neither application is specifically designed for our type of library.

After at least 6 hours of meetings and 2 months of programming – we thought we were ready to pass the new product on to the ILL and Research departments for testing, so my assistant and I sat down yesterday and went over the entire process and how it will be entered into our database. We left the meeting with a weeks worth of fixes before we can let it go into the testing phase.

As hard as it is to keep track of all of the information we need to keep (both for statistical purposes and to produce an accurate invoice) I’m really learning a lot about the way things are done on the other side of the library. I have no idea how they kept track of everything so accurately without an all in one solution (like I’m building), but they did!

Anyway, I’m still here, reading what everyone else is talking about – but I have one thought on my mind – finish this project!!!

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