Bloglines – Not Free Much Longer?

I gave 2 presentations today at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, and a presenter there said that Bloglines won’t be free much longer. I don’t know where he got his information – I wanted to see if any of you had heard this?? Can you point me to an article or some documentation about what’s going to happen? Or was this man just mis-informed?

[update 7/31/06] For those of you who aren’t reading the comments – this presenter was very wrong. This has been confirmed by Ryan Phillips Engineer in the comments. Thanks Ryan! [/update]

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  1. The presenter is plain wrong. Please correct him/her.

    -Ryan Phillips Engineer

  2. Ryan,

    Thank you so much for letting me know – It didn’t seem true since I couldn’t find anything to back it up. I will find his contact info and let him know.

  3. *phew*! That sounded urban-legendy to me too, but Bloglines is an integral part of my online life and probably saves me an hour a day of blog browsing, so it’s nice to have it confirmed!

  4. Dang – I was gonna say if I hadn’t seen anything on techcrunch about it, then it wasn’t true… but you got one better than that!

    Thanks Bloglines for being so proactive!

  5. I have emailed the presenter so that there are no more panic-stricken Bloglines users roaming around 🙂

  6. Phew! Thanks Nicole for asking the question, and thanks Bloglines for the response 🙂

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