Too fun not to share

Today I attended a session at the PA Bar Institute that was supposed to share 60 tips in 60 minutes. We didn’t quite get to hear all 60, but there were some fun things I wanted to share with you all (and some productive things I’m going to test before I share).

  1. The USB Beverage Cooler from CoolIT – keep your drinks cool using the power from your computer.
  2. The USB Turntable – rip your old records to MP3s so you can listen to them on your MP3 Player.
  3. The CellStik – backup your cell phone and/or easily transfer data from your old phone to your new one.

How neat are those? While I was searching for these URLs I saw that engadget & Gizmodo had already posted about them – but those are 2 blogs I didn’t subscribe to – until today!

Oh, and the presentation was by Ross Kodner from MicroLaw – a great speaker if you’re looking for some continuing legal education!

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