Choosing Classes

Well that wasn’t an easy task.

I had a list of about 25 classes I wanted to take and I only need 12. I want to finish in 1 year (3 classes a term) so I had to narrow my list because of class offerings. I then narrowed my list based on classes I probably didn’t need (Database Management II). I was a bit disappointed to take a few of those classes off of my list.

Content Representation and Scholarly & Professional Communication were 2 classes I really wanted that don’t seem to be offered anymore – or at least not in the 2006-2007 school year. Public Library Service is only offered in the fall and has prerequisites and Academic Library Service isn’t offered online at all. Lastly, Tech Process in Libraries is only offered in the Spring but has a prerequisite that is also only offered in the Spring.

So what am I taking – here’s my initial plan (we’ll see if it changes once classes start).


  • Intro to Info System Analysis
  • Info Resources & Services I
  • Prof/Soc Aspects of Info Services


  • Info Resources & Services II
  • Action Research & Statistics
  • Digital Libraries


  • Cognition & Info Retrieval
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Cataloging & Classification I


  • Managing Information Orgs (640)
  • Information Services in Orgs (643)
  • Library Automation (664)

What do you think? I took a lot of advice from comments here and emails I received. Unfortunately several people told me to avoid a certain instructor and I had no choice – I had to take one class taught by him/her – let’s hope it’s not too bad.

The only term that’s semi-set-in-stone is Fall – I have to register next week. The others may change once I meet my advisor.


  1. My list of classes to take has definitely changed since I started school, both as I’ve learned more where my interests lie and as I’ve learned more about the professors, and who to avoid vs. who to take. Definitely keep an open mind!

  2. After all the work you’ve done in libraries, I think you’ll find a lot of those classes… rather basic. It seems they’ve expanded the online roster a bit since I was there, I didn’t have a bunch of those options.

    “Action” research is, in that context, a misnomer. There is little action involved.

  3. The problem is that 1/2 of them are required classes – There were others I wanted that were areas I didn’t know anything about but like I said they weren’t offered online 🙁

    Did you take any electives that you’d think I’d like better?

  4. Good news – the class list has changed and the professors changed with it – I am no longer taking a class with the instructor that several of you told me to avoid like the plague 🙂

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