I am all registered for my first term at Drexel. Can you believe that registration opened at 7am this morning for new masters students and at 7:38 when I registered 5 sessions I wanted were already filled.

Why didn’t I register sooner? Well I was up this morning at 4am (lots going on at home to keep my mind working) and I actually considered coming in to work late so that when registration opened at 7am I would be in front of my computer instead of underground in the subway – yep at 7am I’m on my way to work, I registered as soon as my computer turned on this morning.

Maybe more than you needed to know – but there you go.

I still got all of the classes I wanted/needed so I’m a happy camper. Classes start September 25th!


  1. A couple of times I was logged in and ready to click buttons the minute my slot (the first slot) was open for registration, and I STILL couldn’t get in to a couple of classes. There was one class I tried to get into every single semester… and never did. Glad you still got good classes! Best of luck.

  2. That stinks! I have a really tight schedule/plan for the next year so I hope that doesn’t happen!

  3. I don’t recall having problems with sections filling up when I went to Drexel. That was a while ago, but I don’t think it’s much of an issue there. I’m sure you’ll always be able to get most of what you want. Good luck!

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