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Okay I give – how the heck do you get a little icon to appear next to your feed in a reader like Bloglines? I looked at a bunch of people’s RSS feeds today and could not see anything there that I didn’t have in my feed. I have a favicon set up for my site and I’d like to have the same image appear in Bloglines. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


  1. Here’s what you do:
    1. make a favicon (that’s what bloglines is showing)
    2. email bloglines and ask them to reset your rss feed to pick up the favicon

    Ta-da! You’re done!


  2. Are you kidding me! It’s that easy!! Thank you so much. Too bad Bloglines doesn’t pick up the favicon automatically like your browser does.

  3. Man…it’s that easy? I’ve been struggling with this same problem as well. Thanks for the response!

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