Another Free Hosted Wiki

Wired News has an article about

Launched over the weekend, joins the already populous field of do-it-yourself wiki sites, which allow anyone to add and edit content on a specified topic.

In its first day live, visitors have been snapping up subdomains with topical words, like, or common first names.

Currently, anyone can register a subdomain on Registrants must give permission to allow others to add or edit content on their sites. Gotts envisions making money through keyword advertising at first. He’s also considering letting registrants co-own their subdomains, enabling them to develop popular wiki sites and then sell them.

What I’d like to see is a demo – or something to give me an idea of how it works (without having to sign up for my own site).


  1. MindTouch’s website provides a demo on the homepage. Go through the slides by clicking in the top right hand corner.

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