RSS Unsafe

Well, what isn’t?? An online friend of mine sent me a link last week that talked about how subscribing to RSS feeds could be a security risk – today I found a similar article on

Attackers could exploit the problem by setting up a malicious blog and enticing a user to subscribe to the RSS feed. More likely, however, they would add malicious JavaScript to the comments on a trusted blog, [Bob] Auger said.

What do I have say about that? Well, Duh! If people can spam our email with viruses, then they can surely hit us through our RSS feeds, but that’s why we (bloggers) install protections like Spam Karma (and other such comment filters) and why we all install spy ware protection and anti-virus software on our computers.

It’s no different than email in that respect – you open yourself up to being hacked/attacked whenever you let someone else deliver content directly to your computer.

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