Librarian Fit Club

From the web4lib mailing list:

Dear Web4Lib,

After learning about Web/Library/Librarian/etc. 2.0 stuff over the past month or so, I’ve decided to undertake a practical Librarian 2.0 experiment.

Librarian Fit Club

I’ve got two objectives:

1) Using a variety of social networking and collaborative tools, build a web presence that would allow librarians to experiment with these types of tools in a functional environment.

2) Maybe lose a few pounds (hey, it’s motivation for objective #1).

Obviously, just using random tools would not make for a very functional environment. Thus far, I’m thinking the tools that would be useful for this experiment:

Basecamp: For planning, setting goals, marking progress, etc.
A hosted Wiki: For storing ideas, fitness routines, recipes, etc.
A group blog: For celebrating, venting, and sharing, and documenting the thing.
Flickr: For the brave of heart (grin).

…anything else anyone thinks would be useful for both objectives…

Thus far, I’ve created a basecamp group ( and a flickr group (

The flickr group is open. Basecamp requires an admin to create and add people to the site.

I’m looking into Wikis and Blogs, but I’d really welcome some collaboration in building this thing.

If you’re interested in participating, please send me an e-mail off-list.


Keith Engwall
Head of Library Systems and Technology
Catawba College
Salisbury, NC

I’m signed up – but then again I’ve been trying to lose weight for 2 months now – so I have head start – but it’s still a fun idea.

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