No Demo – My Pet Peeve

As you know, I’m always reading about new online tools. I like to try them out before I write about them (if I have time) – this brings me to my pet peeve. I don’t like it when I can’t see a demo (or screenshots) of a tool without first signing up. Today it’s xFruits which sounds pretty darn cool:

xFruits is sweet! It's a suite of RSS services that's all about feeds. You can use xFruits as an aggregator, to create a PDF from your feed, add a mobile feed or even post to RSS via e-mail. All these services areen't really new but why use different sites and logins if it can be done at one place! Next to that, it also rolls all xFruits users into a community

This description is from A Feed Is Born – I went to the site but there is no way for me to see what the aggregator looks like without first signing up (which I’ll probably do once I’m done ranting here).

A note to developers – always provide a way for people to see your product – a demo account or screenshots. You don’t buy a new outfit without seeing and trying it on first – why should a web application be any different?

Okay, rant done. I’m off to sign up for xFruits.

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