Some Google Goodies

I just read on Google Operating System about two new goodies. One I can’t get to load – so I’m going to send you to Google Operating System to read what they have to say about it. This one is Google Image Labeler. It apparently lets you add tags to images found in Google’s image search to help them with their indexing. Learn more from the people who actually got the page to load.

The other is an open source OCR program called Tesseract. Google announced that they have released Tesseract (originally an HP program) into open source because the people at Google…

are all about making information available to users, and when this information is in a paper document, OCR is the process by which we can convert the pages of this document into text that can then be used for indexing.

Sounds interesting – I doubt it will replace my Abbyy FineReader, but it’s interesting to keep an eye on.

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