Library 2.0

What a great article by Michael Casey and Laura Savastinuk! Found on, Library 2.0 offers up a great definition of Library 2.0:

The heart of Library 2.0 is user-centered change. It is a model for library service that encourages constant and purposeful change, inviting user participation in the creation of both the physical and the virtual services they want, supported by consistently evaluating services. It also attempts to reach new users and better serve current ones through improved customer-driven offerings. Each component by itself is a step toward better serving our users; however, it is through the combined implementation of all of these that we can reach Library 2.0.

I want to go check out the libraries that are mentioned in this article to see what they are doing – but I also want to point out that they’re (almost) all Public libraries.

While you all know I’m supporter of Library 2.0 & new technologies in libraries – I sometimes wonder if our audience (lawyers) will ever want to participate in the creation of “both the physical and the virtual services” in the library. See with lawyers time is money – and I know that I don’t want to pay my lawyer extra because he was playing with the library catalog. I’ve been wrestling with this for a little while now – especially since we’ve been trying to implement new features in the catalog & on our website – will it matter if I add commenting to our blog? Will we get comments? Are our users rating books using the new rating system? Someone at my library (and I can’t remember who) made a good point – a treatise book is a treatise book – there’s not much else to it than that.

Anyway, this is a great article! And I’ll keep pushing for change – even if our patrons aren’t ready for it – who knows – maybe I’m wrong.


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