Spam Karma – Solved

You may remember my post about my Spam Karma Woes – well I finally sat down and emailed support for some pointers. I hadn’t seen anything in the FAQ that fit my problem – so I was getting frustrated. Turns out my theme was not compatible!! This tip about adding a Comment Form Hook will help others with a similar problem to mine.

Now if you’re a real commenter your comment should not get blocked – sorry for all of the hassle! There are still some tweaks I need to do – particularly with the fact that my template is now around the notes from Spam Karma and there is no way to get back to the post you were commenting on – but we’re getting there.

Thanks Dave (from SK2)!

[update] If you happen to post a comment and see something strange, please let me know – I can’t seem to test template changes because it always approved my comments. [/update]

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