The Visible Librarian

I went to the library with my husband the other day and was just browsing around (not easy – but that’s another discussion) and found The Visible Librarian. I’m almost finished reading and it was well worth borrowing! Judith Siess agrees with what I’ve been saying all along (although it looks like she said it first).

The primary selling point of a website is its content. We librarians are the experts at content acquisition, classification, and access. It is highly unlikely that the information technology (IT) department (the computer people) will consider content and classification their highest priorities. Librarians must be involved to keep the focus on these two concepts, which are ultimately more responsible for the success of a website than programming and graphics … Librarians can and should be involved as planners, marketers, leaders (visioneers), risk takers, and partners with customers and vendors.

That quote is from page 73-74.

That is so true! The fact that librarians aren’t included in all programming projects is why we have so many problems with the products provided by our vendors and contractors.

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  1. This was my absolute FAVORITE book from grad school. In fact, it’s the only book that I’ve since gone back and re-read. Have fun!

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