1. Melinda Baumann

    Yes, libraries have offered this content for years… but we have never been able to offer one-stop shopping. That’s why Google is getting the press, and will continue to get press for providing single-search access, in some cases, to our own resources. The future of libraries is in consolidation and customization of resources, and collaboration with other libraries so we can keep up with the dot-coms.

  2. We do offer a lot of one stop shopping for people though. I keep a pretty good set of researching links on my homepage. I just had one teacher complain that the nearest public library wouldn’t give him a library card.(He doesn’t live in their area.) When I asked what he wanted, he gave me a list of databases that either are a part of our statewide database accounts, ones that I provide for the members of my district, or some of the free databases that the city library had on their page. The problem was he had never bothered to look at what I offered. I let him know what was available and I think he will use the website more. I just would love to figure out better marketing. Oh yeah, that is why I am traveling 600 miles to a class next week to look at how to market our libraries better.

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