Another reason I want my MLIS

Here’s my morning routine – or maybe I should go backwards and explain my evening and weekend routine first. On evenings and weekends I catch up on my blog reading. If I have some time I will stumble a bit. Every time I read a post or find a link that I think would be helpful to someone at work I email it to my work email for the next morning. Every time I find something useful to a friend or family member I email it off to them.

When I come into work in the mornings I weed through these messages forwarding them along to the right people at work – if it’s something related to an ongoing project or something for our entire staff I post it on our Intranet. Sometimes this results in a blog post on our library blog – sometimes it’s a new Research Link – sometimes it’s just a reply email that says “thanks”. Either way I feel like I’ve helped the people around me find handy tools and resources to make their lives or jobs easier. I love that feeling!

Right now this is just something I do when I have time – but by getting my MLIS new doors will be open to me. I’ll have the chance to work in positions where I get to do 2 things I love – develop applications & web solutions and help others find and use new tools to make their jobs more productive!

This is just something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately and wanted to share with you all. Why? Well I’ve been keeping a close eye on my number of subscribers and as the at number goes up I know I’m helping even more than just those I have contact with on a daily basis – I’m also helping others around the globe and that’s an amazing feeling.

Thanks for reading – I hope I can find a helpful resource for you today!

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