Weaving the Web (part 2)

I mentioned that I was half way through Tim Berners-Lee’s Weaving the Web last week – I also mentioned that I couldn’t put it down – well I found a way to.

Turns out I was enthralled in the how the web was started part – but not so much about the future plans. I thought I wanted to hear about his visions for the web, but a lot of what he had to say was a bit more techie than I had hoped.

The part that I find interesting is that through the years, Berners-Lee tried to get someone to develop a browser that would allow people to edit web pages – while his ultimate goal has come to pass – the method is actually even better than his original plan. I’m talking about the fact that we can all edit webpages no matter what browser we’re using!

Anyway, the book was well worth reading – but might get a little too techie for the average reader.

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