Making Time for Web 2.0

David Lee King has a great post about Making Time for Web 2.0. He has broken out his tips into 2 groups – one for admins & one for staff (but I think everyone should read both parts – it’s not that long after all).

One of the excuses that David (and all of us) hears from staff is:

“We don’t have enough staff to do these new things.” When I hear this excuse (because that’s really what it is), I think back to the NEKLS Technology Day I attended. I was on a discussion panel with a librarian at a small library. She is the ONLY staff member at her library, and yet she has time for a library blog and console gaming nights.

If a one-librarian library can do these things, then you can, too. Sometimes it’s not really a staffing change that’s needed; instead, a mental change, or a change in focus, is what’s needed.

That’s the whole point – a mental change is needed! Librarians need to realize the wealth of information out there – and it can be found simply by taking 20 minutes out of your day to read through the librar* blogs that are out there.

I have posted this post from David on our Intranet – I hope you all do the same for your staffs!

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