Another Book Sale Finder

Last week I wrote about Book Sale Scout and then I found out about Book Sale Finder. Both are pretty handy. Personally, I like that Book Sale Scout better it lets you search for sales – it also lets you list your sales for free.

I still think that both need some serious design help. The ads are overwhelming on Book Sale Finder and on Book Sale Scout they don’t seem to know how to keep their ads within the borders of their page.

What this means? It means if you’re shopping for books go ahead and check both sites – if you’re looking for a place to advertise your book sale – go with Book Sale Scout.

[update] I just got an email correcting me – apparently Book Sale Finder offers free ads to non-profits – always has – I just didn’t find that fact when browsing the site. Sorry about that. [/update]


  1. Are you aware of any other web sites where book sale events are listed?

    I am part of a Friends group for our local library and we would like to list our semi-annual sales where it would be appropriate.

    Thank you.

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