First Day

Today is my first day of school – never thought I’d have to say that again! I already have they syllabus for one class and am just waiting for 8am when blackboard is open for students to log in.

You will probably notice a decline in my posting – and a shift in the topics I discuss – starting today – but I’ll try to keep up with what everyone else is writing!!

Well I’m off to read through my lectures for that one class I have the syllabus for – in case you’re curious, here’s my class list again:

  • Info Resources & Services I (INFO-510-902)
  • Intro Info System Analysis (INFO-503-901)
  • Prof/Soc Aspcts Info Svcs (INFO-520-900)

If you’re in one of my sections email me or feel free to post here.

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  1. Happy first day of school, and best of luck with the program.

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