First Week Conclusions

So week one is done – well sort of (I have until Sunday) – it’s time to share with you my conclusions.

First, this is going to be extremely difficult – juggling work and home and school. Second, this is going to be fun!

So this week I read 6 chapters, 2 articles, and about 600 discussion posts between all three courses – and that’s only the first week!! I also was forced to drop a class and pick up a different section. The instructor, at first look appeared to be very organized and on top of things, but turned out to be incapable of editing his instructions, spelling database properly, or providing us with understandable instructions. I found myself spending more time helping students with things that weren’t explained properly than doing my own work, so I had to transfer to a different class with a more organized instructor.

My favorite text so far is “Systems Analysis and Design Methods” by Jeffrey L Whitten. After reading 2 chapters I have discovered that I am actually a Systems Analyst (even though my title doesn’t say so). I have to honest – I had no idea what a System Analyst did – I know I saw job ads ages ago when I was looking for my first job and I just assumed that I wasn’t qualified – who knew? My least favorite text is “Online Retrieval: A Dialogue of Theory and Practice” by Geraldine Walker. Why? Well first off the book was written in 1999 and the first 4 chapters go over how to use the Internet and the WWW – as you can imagine it’s very out dated. In fact the ISP they recommend using is AOL!! I’m assuming that the book will get better when it’s done with the overview type items – I hope I’m right.

Overall, I’m overwhelmed, but starting to get the hang of things. Now I have to go out and find a planner because it’s the only way I’m going to keep up with all of the work!

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