My Conference Schedules

Okay I have updated my schedules for Internet Librarian and KMWorld & Intranets. I am open for dinners & lunches and love meeting new people, so if you’re going to be at either conference just contact me!

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  1. why don’t you post a picture like the other attendees? also, would you and your conference friends like to go to Tres Gringos for drinks and dinner, then to the Vault Ultra Lounge?

  2. Not all of them have pictures 🙂 and I don’t have a current one. I won’t really have time after dinner – I’ll have lots of homework & reading to catch up on – but I’m sure others will be interested.

  3. Tres Gringos has happy hour from 4-7 p.m. and Tuesday Night live with local bands playing. Might be a fun time since that will also be Halloween.

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