Second Life Frustrations

Most of you have probably heard about the security problems at Second Life – but have you had problems getting back in? I have. When I was prompted to reset my password the form was unable to load my secret question. This left 2 options open to me. 1 – I could list 3 friends (first & last names) – yeah right. 2 – I could enter how much Linden charged me most recently – well that total as $0 and it didn’t work!! So I ended up locked out of my account. I emailed only to get a phone number – I called only to get voicemail – I left a message only to get NOTHING!!

I have contemplated starting a new account – but my avatar has all kinds of neat things and they were all organized nicely – I’d hate to lose all of that. So if you’re wondering where Talia Nicholas has been – she’s at home fuming and trying to figure out how to get back into her account 🙁

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